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Catastrophic Injury

Wrongful death, traumatic brain injury, quadriplegia, amputation, and severe burns are among the conditions commonly referred to as Catastrophic Injury. These types of injuries can be devastating, upending not only the life of the person injured but of families and loved ones alike.  

Our trial attorneys vigorously pursue these cases oftentimes after other lawyers or law firms have told a person or family that there is “no case.”  Our trial lawyers have expertise in finding and retaining the right experts, including medical doctors who can adequately describe the nature of the injuries.  Over the past decade, Oliver Maner has been a part of some of the biggest catastrophic injury cases in the State of Georgia.  Because of the broad spectrum of legal expertise within the Firm, our lawyers can also help with issues related to guardianships, medical bills, credit reporting services, and many others.  Many of our past clients have benefitted from Oliver Maner’s “full-service” law firm approach to these cases.  


We have handled catastrophic injury cases in the following settings:

  • Refineries
  • Factories
  • Hotels
  • Nursing Homes
  • Product Manufacturers
  • Schools
  • Trucking Companies

Recent cases:

  • Prosecuting a claim for a serious burn victim injured while working on a forklift at a sugar refinery.
  • Representing the family of a husband and father who died as the result of an explosion and fire after a motor vehicle wreck.
  • Representing a farmer injured by a blueberry harvester who suffered traumatic and permanent brain injury.
  • Representing a child and his family following a massive wreck on the interstate which resulted in a large fire causing the death of the child’s Grandmother and injuries to the child.
  • Representing a worker at a chicken plant who lost his arm while working on the factory line.
  • Representing a woman injured severely in a golf cart vs. vehicle accident suffering severe head trauma and other serious injuries.
  • Representing the victim of serious nursing home neglect.
  • Representing a man who had worked for more than 50 years at a candy factory and who was struck in the head and catastrophically injured during a renovation of the factory’s equipment.

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