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Alternatives to Trial (ADR)

Oliver Maner’s lawyers acknowledge that some civil cases are best resolved without a trial. Alternative Dispute Resolution occurs without a judge or jury, and instead utilizes a trained third party who facilitates settlement discussions and strategies on behalf of the opposing parties.

The Firm’s experience in complex commercial litigation and personal injury cases allows the Firm’s attorneys to advise our clients on whether a trial or alternative form of resolution is more beneficial. An alternative to trial may be advisable in a broad spectrum of civil disputes, which may include personal injuries, commercial disputes, construction disputes or professional liability.

In addition, Oliver Maner has one of the most respected mediation services in the State of Georgia. Because of our experience in numerous types of cases and trials, our lawyers can serve as mediators in many different types of civil claims or cases with a proven track record of obtaining resolutions in tough cases.  If you or your client requires the services of a mediator, please use the form below to contact the Firm.  

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