February 10, 2023

Oliver Maner mourns the passing of Bonnie Smith

Patrick T. O'Connor

Oliver Maner mourns the passing of Bonnie Hodges Smith, a dedicated, loyal and trusted employee of the Firm from January 1, 1990 until her retirement on September 28, 2018. Bonnie passed away at her home in Savannah on Monday, February 6, 2023 after valiantly battling cancer for several years. Bonnie was a native of Bulloch County, Georgia and attended Statesboro High School with two of Oliver Maner’s partners – Pat O’Connor and Greg Hodges. She served the firm well as a legal assistant and later as firm administrator. Bonnie was universally loved and respected and brought an unmatched work ethic and example to everything she did. Her bright smile and calm demeanor made her a leader among the staff members at the Firm. Her faith and caring attitude set an example for everyone who had the pleasure of interacting with her. Even after retirement, Bonnie visited the Firm often and remained in contact with her many close friends at Oliver Maner. She will be missed but never forgotten. Please remember Bonnie’s husband, Roy, as well as their sons Shannon and Michael and families, including three grandchildren in your prayers.

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